About Australia's Social Pulse

Australia’s Social Pulse is an event designed to spark deep conversation about the current state of Australia’s social progress, and the role of the sector. Through a series of short, thought-provoking talks, a panel of experts from the Centre for Social Impact will begin to answer some fundamental questions about Australia’s social progress: 

  • What resources are we investing in the social sector?
  • How is Australia tracking on key social issues? What’s changed over time?
  • What do we need to consider in cataylsing change into the future?

Australia’s social purpose sector lacks a cohesive, consistent and reliable source that tracks our social progress. Without this, we can’t tell whether the sector is succeeding in its goal to improve social outcomes. Australia’s Social Pulse will be an interactive report published by CSI that aims to track the nation’s social progress. 

Key learning outcomes from Australia’s Social Pulse:

  • Understand what resources we are investing into the social sector and where they are being invested.
  • Learn how social outcomes have changed over time across different Australian social domains.
  • Examine how different population groups are faring today; and
  • Explore how innovation, investment or policy changes may be required in the future

About the report

Building on existing Australian social statistics, Australia’s Social Pulse measures changes over time in key social indicators across a range of domains and compares these to investment in the social purpose sector. Using multivariate regression analyses to investigate associations between outcomes and community, household and individual characteristics, this interactive report will indicate how particular population groups fare relative to the average to provide an in-depth understanding of the nation’s social pulse.

Australia’s Social Pulse strives to help answer crucial questions such as ‘How have the outcomes changed over time, and for whom?’ This report is designed to be used across the social purpose sector to help identify where initiatives, polices and/or investments are improving social outcomes. It will indicate areas or particular population cohorts in which innovation, investment or policy changes may be required in the future, and provide an almanac of how Australia is faring in some of the most important social areas.

The report will explore traditional economic indicators, such as employment outcomes and living standards, but go beyond these to understand social progress. It will explore educational participation and attainment, physical and mental health and housing affordability, accessibility, adequacy and safety. It will also delve into social cohesion – how connected we are with families, friends our trust levels and feelings of safety in our communities – and how happy we are with our lives (life satisfaction). These domains have been chosen after a review of global, international and national reports on social indicators. They will be examined across the population and compared across particular population groups, such as children, young people, people with disability.

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